Fish Species Online Tests

This webpage is dedicated to quality assurance of the data collected by volunteers. It provides self-paced tests for download, thereby enhancing the capacity of volunteers to correctly identify the UVNSW targeted fish species. It is suggested that volunteers revisit the tests from time to time to ensure they are recording correct identifications. Another potential use would be for volunteers to attempt one or more of the tests at UVG monthly meetings where feedback can be provided by those present.

The files for download comprise a series of tests - multiple choice and matching images with names. The last slide in each test will provide you with a score. You will then have the opportunity to review the test to determine what species you may have incorrectly identified.

We suggest that UVG members download the tests and save them to the hard drive of their computer as file sizes are large. You will need to ensure that Adobe Reader 10.1 or later is installed on your computer or that your favourite web browser will open a pdf file.

Note: some pdf viewers in web browsers may not display the Fish Species Tests downloads. If no text or imagery appears and you are confronted with a blank screen within the browser's viewer simply choose to save the file as a pdf and then open it in Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat Pro. You will then be able to 'sit' the test.